What Can You Expect?
Our homeopathic consultations are very different from your average doctor's appointment. A full initial Homeopathic consultation usually takes between one and two hours and you will need to allow 30 - 45 minutes for your subsequent visits. During this time we will listen to you carefully and accurately record the details of your condition and your lifestyle. After the consultation we research your case thoroughly before prescribing your personal homeopathic treatment and posting it to you. After your consultation we encourage our patients to keep in contact with us, either by phone or email, so that we can track progress, provide support and supply additional homeopathic prescriptions where necessary. All of this additional support is included in your consultation fee for up to 6 weeks or until your follow-up consultation if that is sooner.
The speed of the results will depend on many factors, including the nature of your condition and how long it has been present. Your Homeopath will be able to discuss with you an expected prognosis as treatment commences.

Every prescription is different, and when you are given your remedies how to take them will be clearly explained. Most remedies come in the form of tiny pills or liquid drops